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Thrombolysis Masterclass: Case 02 (F:59)

Patient history

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  • 59 yr old female
  • 2 days ago she was admitted to hospital with fast atrial fibrillation, mild congestive cardiac failure. She is on the cardiology ward
  • 17.45 Saturday - spoke normally to care assistant who served her food
  • 18.05 - care assistant returned to collect tray but patient did not respond verbally
  • Doctors immediately alerted
  • Past History - coronary artery bypass graft 2 years before, hypertension, obesity 100kg
  • Medication - Given B blocker, one dose of 100mg enoxaparin 22 hours ago and 10mg loading dose of warfarin on Saturday morning

Module name: Thrombolysis Masterclass: Case 02 (F:59)

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