Thrombolysis following stroke

This module aims to provide an overview of thrombolysis treatment following acute stroke; and to ‘demystify’ thrombolysis treatment to improve understanding and accessibility. Useful resources on this topic can be found below.

The answers to all the test questions are contained within the module. This information may be provided in the 'Additional Information' boxes on some of the pages.

Introduction and overview

Patient Scenario 1 - Jimmy Govan

Patient Scenario 2 - Keith Hughes-Smith

Patient Scenario 3 - Angela Campbell

Immediate care following thrombolysis

Conclusions and key messages

Module test

Additional Resources

You can now go on and learn more about thrombolysis by undertaking the Thrombolysis Masterclass. This Masterclass is aimed at senior staff who are involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis. The module consists of a series of virtual patient scenarios which focus on patient history, examination and imaging. You will be asked to decide what treatment options you would choose and have the opportunity to compare your treatment decision with selected experts and other learners who have completed the cases.

Thrombolysis masterclass modules

Useful Resources


Stroke tools/scales

Examples of protocols

Patient and carer information

Other resources


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